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Sat Dec 28 14:58:01 GMT 2002

On 12/27/02, at 09:10 PM, "Eddie Doyle" <eddiedoyle555 at msn.com> said:

>I use my user password from linux but no avail.

I'm new to this too, but I discovered that my default Redhat installation had firewall settings that allow almost nothing in or out. I'm not sure about RH8, since I don't have it, but IIRC it uses iptables as the firewall. (Previous versions used ipchains.) To test if this is the cause, as root do:

    service iptables stop

Then try to login from the W98 box. 
If it works, you need to configure your firewall.
--And don't forget to start it up again.

Carl Brown cbsled at ncia.net

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