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Chris Candillo ccandillo at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 23 19:10:25 GMT 2002

Hello. I am running Samba version 2.2.5 on Redhat Linux 8.0, kernel version 
2.4.18-14.  Encrypted passwords = yes; security = user; wins server 
=; netbios name = SambaServer.  My client is Windows 2000, 
service pack 3.  I am only able to browse my samba shares only if I use the 
ip address of my samba server. For example on Winddows 2000 I run: NET USE 
\\, I can see the shares, I am also able to map drives, all is 
good.  If I run NET USE \\SambaServer, using the netbios name, I get 'Access 

  I've checked the log files and saw that bind succeeded on both ports
137,139.  Under [Global] Settings I've added 'guest ok = yes'; 'guest
account = ftp'. Both user accounts exist in /etc/passwd and smbpasswd files. 
  I've checked iptables and opened up ports 137,138,139 tcp/udp. I am able 
to anonymously view shares locally on my SambaServer when I run 'smbclient 
-U% -L SambaServer'.  The Windows 2000 Server is the domain master browser, 
local master browser and WINS server.  I've upped the logging on the 
SambaServer and saw that browse.dat gets updated with everyones netbios/ip 
addresses.  The WINS server is also update with the netbios/ip name pairs.

  When I run: NET USE \\ on the Windows 2000 box, Samba's logs 
show that is negotiates protocols and selects NT LM 0.1.2.  The defaut 
protocol for Windows 2000. Fine.  It then validates my user accout, the user 
I am logged on as on Windows 2000, which by the way has the same 
username/password/case as on the linux box. It passes.  It then checks my 
password.  The SMB hash is the same and the NT hash and there you have it I 
can see the list of shares on the SambaServer.  If I run: NET USE 
\\SambaServer (name not ip address), it does not get past protocol 
negotiation.  It does not check my user or password and I get "Access is 
denied....System error 5 has occurred."  Is there something wrong with guest 
access with this version on Samba?

  Any thoughts??

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