[Samba] Odd problems with XP

Marian Mlcoch, Ing mm at tsmp.sk
Fri Dec 20 06:18:00 GMT 2002

This is bad idea samba cannot browse sync with NT on another segment of network and if is in one segment
then sync is automatic not need remote sync and anounce.
Try you read doc BROWSING on samba docs...
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  I'm sorry i in trying to hide sentivitve infomation i deleted those lines so there they are with out the ip's

  remote announce =
  wins server =
  remote browse sync =


  Rashkae wrote:

How does your Samba box know about the WINS server? (Unless, of course,
you neglected to post your *complete* smb.conf)

Dec 19  12:57pm

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On Thu, 19 Dec 2002, Neal Lawson wrote:

I Do have a central WINS server running and the PDC, BDC, the Samba box,
and the XP client know about the wins server

Marian Mlcoch, Ing wrote:

Your problem is complicated browsing with NT and samba.
1. Use on your network on all machines and servers only one!! protocol
2. Configure WINS server on NT PDC or BDC machine
3. In config tcpip on all clients set wins server to created IP.
4. In all samba server or clients set in smb.conf wins server = IP...

REM If need another protocol as netbeui or ipx on server or clients yuo must
disable browsing features for this protocols in regedit or confs...

Thats all.

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I have one Samba server with my Raid 5 can on it, and a NT 4 PDC and
BDC, and im running samba 2.2.7, for most of my clients browsing the
shares is just fine, but on some browsing the shares hangs or takes a
long time to return with a result

here is my smb.conf file:

netbios name = xxxxxx
load printers = no
        workgroup = XXXXXXX
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        security = domain
        allow trusted domains = yes
        password server = XXXXXXXX
time server = Yes
os level = 34
name resolve order = wins hosts bcast
write raw = yes
read raw = yes
        hide files =


Trash Folder/resource.frk/.*/
oplocks = yes
max xmit = 65535
level2oplocks = yes
dead time = 7
getwd cache = yes
nt acl support = no

comment = Private Storage for %U
path = %H/private
        create mode = 0600
        directory mode = 0700
        valid users = %U
follow symlinks = yes
writeable = yes

comment = Public Storage for %U
path = %H/public
        create mode = 0600
        directory mode = 0700
        valid users = %U
follow symlinks = yes
writeable = yes

comment = Web root for %U
path = %H/web

Thanks for any help

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