[Samba] ownership of smbfs mounts

Hidong Kim hkim at decode.com
Wed Dec 18 21:05:01 GMT 2002


I'm trying to mount Windows 2000 directories onto a Red Hat 7.2 machine. 
  The Windows machine is windows1 and the Linux machine is linux1.  I've 
created a shared folder on windows1 called public.  As a normal user on 
linux1, I've created a directory /home/windows1 with ownership me:users. 
  As the normal user, I can execute this at the command prompt:

smbmount //windows1/public /home/windows1 -o username=me,password=pass

The Windows directory gets mounted on /home/windows1, and the ownership 
of /home/windows1 is still me:users.  If I put the mount statement into 
/etc/fstab as

//windows1/public /home/windows1 smbfs username=me,password=pass 0 0

and then do 'mount -a' as root, the ownership of /home/windows1 changes 
to root:root.  How can I put the mount command into /etc/fstab, and 
maintain me:users ownership of the mount point?  Thanks,


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