[Samba] question about security, UID, and /var/log/messages

Gabriel Matthews gabriel at cinergycom.com
Wed Dec 11 22:45:02 GMT 2002

When I restart Samba, and then connect to it from an XP screen, I get the
following message in the /var/log/messages file:

Dec 11 16:36:38 yavin smb: smbd shutdown succeeded
Dec 11 16:36:39 yavin smb: nmbd shutdown succeeded
Dec 11 16:36:39 yavin smb: smbd startup succeeded
Dec 11 16:36:39 yavin smb: nmbd startup succeeded
Dec 11 16:36:48 yavin samba(pam_unix)[1742]: session opened for user
gabriel by (uid=0)

Now, username 'gabriel' is the same user/pass on our NT domain on the
linux machine, and I have added it to the smbpasswd file using smbpasswd.
My thought is that the (uid=0) -should- be uid=500, which is the uid of my
linux username.  When another user connects to the server, the same
message pops up in the log file, but with their username, and the same
uid.. so it would say 'user jimmy by (uid=0).  That's what makes me think
it's not mapping the NT domain user account to the linux passwd account

Any ideas, if I'm right or wrong or reading it incorrectly?

My overall problem is that I am unable to print to a printer hosted from
the linux machine.. I can browse a public folder that I created,
make/delete files in the folder, browse my own personal folder, and
everything seems to be working fine.  But when I add the printer, the
printer adds okay but shows "access denied, unable to open" in the
'status' line of the printer in windows.  So what I'm trying to do is
figure out where the security is failing.  If for some reason, the linux
server doesn't know how to map my Nt username to the passwd username and
the samba encrypted password username, then I need to know how to debug

Gabriel Matthews
Network Support
Cinergy Communications
gabriel at cinergycom.com

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