[Samba] Re: nt->samba backup suggestions

Sykora, Dale Dale.Sykora at hp.com
Tue Dec 10 21:29:00 GMT 2002

	Thanks for the info! As you suggested, I will look into the inner working of smbtar.  I just joined the mailing list today.  I'll research the topics you mentioned.  I also need to brush up on multiple ethernet and tape devices as my experience is lacking.  My big concern right now is if my gameplan is reasonable or if I should consider another approach.  


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> Dale,
> The RH-Linux 7.3 samba-client rpm installed a script file 
> called smbtar in
> /usr/bin. It wraps the smbclient command specificaly for running the
> smbclient tar program. I don't know where it is installed on 
> your system, if
> at all. It is most likely in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin if 
> you've installed
> the full samba package. You could use that script in your own 
> scripts, or
> just borrow from it to understand how to call smbclient in 
> non-interactive
> mode to tar a share. You could probably even use smbclient in 
> interactive
> mode with an expect script.
> It supports exclude/include patterns (including regexp file 
> name matching),
> full and incremental backups, and changing to a starting 
> directory, as well
> as resetting or not resetting the windows archive flag on 
> files so you could
> do incremental or differential backups. It doesn't seem to support the
> verify option or compression. It's documented to write 
> directly to a tape
> device, but I've only used it to write to a file on the linux box.
> You could also just use GNU tar across a smbfs, but you may run into
> problems with errors about the file being modified while 
> reading the archive
> when you know it wasn't. I tried that way at first, since I 
> knew GNU tar
> better, and it has a much larger range of options, including 
> the ability to
> give shell pattern matching for include files as well as an 
> exclude shell
> pattern, rather than just one or the other.
> You may want to see these posts for more info:
> bug: smbtar and incremental backups
> smbclient returns incorrect file size for large files
> File changed as we read it....
> Re: SMBFS files receiving incorrect timestamps
> If you are following the mailing list, but just joined you 
> can find these at
> news.gmane.org.
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