Elliot elliot.williams at mutualinterest.com.sg
Tue Dec 10 01:53:00 GMT 2002

Hi guys.i need your help. I am using samba 2.2.6 and a w2k prof client.

During the weekend my system got rebooted. My profile therefore was not
updated into the samba pdc. When I reboot it gave some error and showed
me my last saved profile. I checked my documents and setting and there
was a username.domain_name.bak and username.domain_name

Looks like there was a bakup. So what I did was, I logged on as a local
admin then I deleted my orginal username.domain_name and renamed the
username.domain_name.bak to username.domain_name

I logon again and STILL I was given the old profile. I HAVE LOTS OF
important and source code files in that directory,which I put in the

I tried to search and locate on bother the linux and my w2k prof box but
I CANNOT find the updated file and source code anymore. STUPId linux
overrite the profile on my machine. Somehow It took over that profile
thinking that linux is a bigger uphold

PLEASE help . Can u tell me how I can still rescued?? .. I don't have
any backup made. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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