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>> Anyone are using Server Protect for Linux to protect the files on =
>> Samba File Server ? Are there any other product, I want to check every =
>> file saved on my file server.
> Take a look at Vexira, www.centralcommand.com .  Apparently it will =
> provide on-access scanning Samba shares.  I'm not using it _yet_ but it =
> sounds like a great fit for Samba file servers.
> Sophos has a Unix/Linux product but it isn't set up to automatically =
> scan files that remote users write to the server.  However, I suspect =
> that it's possible-- with some creativity-- since AMaViS uses Sophos to =
> scan e-mail passing through Sendmail.

Or, try the samba-vscan project (http://www.openantivirus.com), which
allows you to do on-access scanning in samba with your choice of virus
scanner (Fprot, OpenAntivirus, Sophos, Trend or Kaspersky). I have
tested it with Sophos (with samba-vscan 0.2.x), and am working on
getting the latest version running with Sophie (a daemon for managing
Sophos) in preparation for using it in production.


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