[Samba] serious problem with W2K TS and 2.2.7 PDC

Robert Stuart Robert.Stuart at qsa.qld.edu.au
Sun Dec 8 23:10:57 GMT 2002


My setup:

RedHat 7.3 PDC server with samba 2.2.7 rpm rebuilt with max connections
patch and ldapsam and a few other minor changes, openldap 2.0.23-4.

Windows 2000 Terminal Server with SP3, with various pre SP4 updates
too.  Various Win2K Pro, Win95 OSR2 clients.

   comment = Home
   writable = yes
   valid users = %S
   nt acl support = no
   oplocks = no
   path = /md3/profiles/%U
   share modes = no

The log for each TS has many of these errors (for various users):

[2002/12/06 16:39:14, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(597) ts5
( Can't change directory to /md3/profiles/rstu (Permission

This does NOT happen everytime that the share is accessed, only
sometimes.  This did not happen with 2.2.6.  It is not an issue on
standalone W2K pro machines that I have tested.

Is it likely that the %U expansion fixes broke this - some assumption
with one pid/connection == one user?

I intend to undo the %U changes to 2.2.7 and see if that works.

On another issue, we get a lot of errors regarding failed connections to
truncated service names.  For example we have a service called 'apps'
and sometimes (I never notice when or how) we get errors similar to

[2002/11/27 11:25:04, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(251)
  iceberg-ts1 ( couldn't find service app

It only ever drops the last character and happens fairly frequently on
different shares.  This has happened for quite a while, but hasn't had
any noticeable effect on users.

Any suggestions?  I'm not subscribed to the list.


Robert Stuart
Systems Administrator

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