[Samba] serious problem with W2K TS and 2.2.7 PDC

Per Kjetil Grotnes perkjetil.grotnes at pbe.oslo.kommune.no
Mon Dec 9 08:03:01 GMT 2002

> Windows 2000 Terminal Server with SP3, with various pre SP4 updates
> too.  Various Win2K Pro, Win95 OSR2 clients.
> ÆhomesÅ

Can we see the Global section aswell please?  Do you have Security = DOMAIN which is 
the prefered setting for Terminal Servers?  (See previous postings about problem with 
Security = SERVER vs. Security = DOMAIN)

Some in the samba team wrote earlier that they hoped SP3 for W2K would solve this 
problem.  SP3 has not solved this problem.  Just for their information.

> The log for each TS has many of these errors (for various users):
> Æ2002/12/06 16:39:14, 0Å smbd/service.c:make_connection(597) ts5
> ( Can't change directory to /md3/profiles/rstu (Permission
> denied)

This is typical for some sort of auth failure in my experience.  Try running loglevel 2 and see 
if the authentication fails (as in the problem with security = server).

> Is it likely that the %U expansion fixes broke this - some assumption
> with one pid/connection == one user?

The one pid/connection is an issue in relation to the authentication problem.  If one of the 
PIDs get problem with authing it will keep this problem until you kill the PID (thus it might 
explain why it works after you restarted).

> On another issue, we get a lot of errors regarding failed connections to
> truncated service names.  For example we have a service called 'apps'
> It only ever drops the last character and happens fairly frequently on
> different shares.  This has happened for quite a while, but hasn't had
> any noticeable effect on users.

We also saw this on a HP-UX 10.20 machine.  We didnt notice any problems either, just that 
the log would notify a connection to a share with one letter missing.

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