[Samba] problem with logon and outlook

Irving Carrion icarrion at allinterior.com
Fri Dec 6 19:28:01 GMT 2002

I've had the same problem with outlook, but I always have to re-create
the mail settings and then import the old .pst file.  From what I
understand, there are registry settings for that user that need to be
extracted from the old profile and placed it the new one.  But I'm not
totally sure of this as I never pursued it.  Grabbing the old pst is not

Is Anyone an expert in outlook and the use of profiles?

Good Luck!

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I had a problem logging on to the network, it was not getting my roaming

profile, so I created a new logon and copied all of the information from
old profile directory to the new login profile directory. I logged on
everything seemed okay, it's like loggin on to the machine for the first

time. When I start up MS Outlook my email account is not there, it asks
to setup a new account, how do I get outlook to find my email settings
the old login? I copied them from the old profile on the samba machine
the new one so everything should be there,but I cannot figure it out.

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