[Samba] illegal parameter at domain logon

Jonathan Joseph Joseph_J at glan-hafren.ac.uk
Fri Dec 6 10:12:00 GMT 2002

Hi all. I've been useing samba for a few years with great success.

However I recently tried to setup a domain logon server (debian woody) for a
group of 98 clients. All tests work (diagnosis.txt etc.) and I can use the
shares from smbclient. So far so good but I can't logon from a 98 client,
the only responce I get is "Illegal Parameter" from the windows box. If I ok
that I return to a logon prompt.

Worse (or is it?) if I attempt to logon to a domain that dosn't exist using
a user and password that does exist and accept that no server was found, I
can then browse the shares with the correct access rights, so authentication
seems ok, yes?

Where can I look? I tried your list archive, I've read all the docs I can
find ........ 

Any ideas graetfully recieved

Coleg Glan Hafren - Cardiff's College

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