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Someone else might well know better but....
I believe this is a file system issue.  ext2/ext3 manipulate the directory
entries using lists so if you have a great many files in one directory you
will see performance issues as you describe.
The answer to this is to change filesystem - no mean feat with your data
sizes.  Filesystems like XFS and ReiserFS use binary trees to manipulate the
directory entries and it is a far faster way of doing things with crowded
directories so you should see an improvemnet.
I suppose an alternative short term solution is to get the users to break
large directories up into small ones if the data lends itself to it.
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Dear all,
I have a difficult Problem with samba 2.2.5, I hope everyone can help me.
My customer has samba 2.2.5 running on a HP Alpha Server ES40 Cluster with
Tru64 V5.1. The share on this Server has  3.1 million files in  16000
Some one this directories have 45000 files on it.
The problem is: if we try a search a file from this  big directory  via an
NT Client the response time is to large for the the customer.
He has run an similar application on a NT File server. NT responded after 1
sec  and samba need 6 sec.
Can someone explain me what I can do to increase the performance, please?
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