[Samba] file corruption problem, HELP

Jacob Smith jacob at globalsat.com
Thu Dec 5 19:02:01 GMT 2002

     I have this problem also.  Running 2.2.1a and Win XP machines.  I
cannot save my Word files that reside on the Samba server (they become
corrupted) and if I have Outlook open (.pst files reside on the Samba
server) I get a "Delayed Write Fail" error from Windows.  I read that
upgrading to 2.2.6 or above takes care of this problem.  Have not upgraded
yet so I am still no sure....

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I am running Samba 2.2.2 with winbind authenticating to an NT
4.0 PDC.  All of my clients are Windows XP Pro.

This box has been running fine for several months.  In fact my
uptime was 185 days as of last night.  However, for various
reasons i upgraded the kernel from 2.4.18 to 2.4.19 and had to
reboot last night.

Everything appeared to come up fine, all daemons started up
and connections could be made.

However, this morning some people (note: not everyone) are
complaining about MS Word corrupting some of their files upon
saving (all these files are being served by Samba).  Since we
have not had any problems for months i am attributing this to
something in my kernel upgrade or reboot.

If anyone here has any input i would greatly appreciate it.

Kevin R. Marshall

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