[Samba] Issues with Samba

Karl Keogh karlk at globogift.com
Mon Dec 2 15:54:01 GMT 2002

Hi I cannot seem to find any information regarding this in the mailing
lists .
I am testing a UNIX PDC before I implement it to general use in the
network .
It works fine It would appear with the win 2000 clients.
But I essentially have two problems 
1. When I have PGP installed on the machine and log in with a roaming
profile . It creates a network associates folder that does not get
propagated to the server and then will not delete unless I reboot and
log in as Admin . then If I log in again the roaming profile creates a
user.001 folder and then a user.002 the next time I log in . this Is no
good as you can imagine Is there any solution to this apart from not
using PGP.
2. I would like the roaming users when they log on to windows 2000
machines to have power user rights , as I notice that other application
do not run  . Is this possible with samba . I am going to test samba
alpha 3.0 in the hope that some of these issues have been resolved .
But If this is not possible I would like to know . I have not found a
definite answer to either of these issues . Can you please clarify for
me when you get a chance .
Thanks Karl
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