[Samba] bug printing with Windows XP? bug using a home directory with a username with spaces?

sousa.hugo at adlittle.com sousa.hugo at adlittle.com
Thu Aug 29 09:19:16 GMT 2002

Does any one here as this problem:

When printing with Windows XP, in the PRINTER DIALOG BOX you have the 
message "access denied, unable to connect", but if you print something, 
the print job is completed with no problems.

Any ideia?

Another problem that I found is when you use the function "VALID USERS = 
%S" in the [homes] you cannot enter the home directory of a user with 
spaces in his username, example -> "Hugo Sousa" ... it promtps for a 
password but nothing happens... ( Also with XP)

I'm using the latest version of Samba.

THanks and regards,
Hugo Sousa
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