Reder Uwe Uwe.Reder at 3SOFT.de
Wed Aug 28 23:54:01 GMT 2002


I have a problem with smbclient. When I start smbclient (-L switch or in ftp-like mode) it asks me for the password. After entering the password my XP notebook seems to answer with NT_STATUS_DUPLICATE_NAME (at least this is what smbclient tells me on the shell prompt ;-). I don't know what this means. I tried different -d levels but received no useful information.

Strange is:

1) "smbmount //myXP/share /mnt" on my Linux box works fine.
2) Mounting my Linux home from the XP host works fine, too.

Only smbclient doesn't want to work for me?!?

My Linux box' kernel is 2.4.19, Samba is 2.2.5. The remote Windows laptop is running XP. My Windows laptop normally operates in a different workgroup (here at work). I created another workgroup at home. Before updating to Samba 2.2.5 I used 2.0.7 (really old, I know) in the same environment without a problem.

Any hint?


P.S: I browsed through the mailing list of the last months but couldn't find a hint. Please forgive me if this question was already asked before.

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