[Samba] Windows XP - mandatory Profiles

oliver.fink at ak-vorarlberg.at oliver.fink at ak-vorarlberg.at
Wed Aug 28 23:50:01 GMT 2002

I tried to get mandatory profiles to run
under Windows XP on a samba PDC.

The server-based profiles work fine - but I want the user
only to have the Server-Profile and the user
can change his desktop... but the next time he logs
in he has his original profile again.

I tried to rename the ntuser.dat in ntuser.man
(as it worked in NT4 and win2000) but it didn't work.
When the user logs out a new ntuser.dat is created in the profile

So I tried to take away write permission for the user
-> but then I get a error message every time I log
out. (something like: the server based profile
can't be written due to permission problems...)

I'm sure someone did have this problem, too.

Thanks in advance

Greeting Olli

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