[Samba] NT Domain Controllers, samba, and Win2k clients

tony lay tonylay at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 28 06:15:00 GMT 2002

We recently started rolling out Win2k pro with new clients and have an 
established NT network. We are also a UNIX shop and are running samba 2.2.4 
on AIX 433 (compiled with GCC 295 I believe) currently as a BDC. Seems as 
though when we introduced our new win2k pro clients in to the network our 
samba shares became amazingly slow. They take about two minutes to show up, 
if at all on the network.

I have read that there was a problem with profiles being shared. I verified 
that "nt acl = no". So that isn't the issue.

We are running WINS (on the PDC and a BDC)
Roming profiles are in use on the NT side (haven't even set up for win2k as 
of yet)
lmhosts is enabled but not used on the machines
The machines point to DNS boxes (one of them being the samba server)

This network browsing area screams netBIOS but I just can't put my finger on 
the problem. If anybody has any ideas please post them here. Don't think I'm 
the only one that's ever had this problem.

I don't want to send my whole conf file but here is my browse and WINS 

OS Level = 20
lm announce = auto
lm interval = 60
preferred master = auto
local master = no
domain master = false
browse list = yes
enhanced browsing = yes

dns proxy = yes
wins proxy = no
wins server = (points to PDC which is running WINS)
wins support = no

Are there any other common changes from NT->win2k that I should take a long 
hard look at?



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