[Samba] Win2000SP3 can't connect to Samba

joshuajunk at cybertrails.com joshuajunk at cybertrails.com
Thu Aug 29 20:53:00 GMT 2002


If I understand you correctly you are entering your unix passwords when 
prompted and they are being refused. The reason that it will not take the 
passwords is probably because you have not setup a samba user these are 
separate from the unix accounts on the system. To add a samba user you can 
use the command "smbadduser". 

If you have already done this and it still isn't working please send the 
general portion of your smb.conf file along with the share definition.

Hope this helps you,

> hi all!
> i'm pretty new to linux and just installed a mandrake 8.1 on a little
> machine in my network. I got the samba server up and running and it
> even is visible in my windows network folder.
> but when i try to connect from windows 2000 sp3 the server refuses my
> login attempts even root...
> any idea?
> /christian
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