[Samba] strange problem printing to windows box

Rob Mahurin rob at utk.edu
Wed Aug 28 03:03:00 GMT 2002

My wife has just gotten a new printer which works perfectly when
connected either to her Win98 box or to my woody box.  However I am
unable to share the printer between the two machines.  Here are my
choices in order of increasing desireability.

I could of course just move the cable whenever I want to print from my
box.  This is the obviously least desireable option.  

The windows machine can see the printer shared from the woody box but
will not install Epson's driver on the network printer.  (The printer
is an Epson Stylus Photo 820).  Since the printer is for my wife's
home business (color flyers etc.) and the printer is hers I'd like to
leave it connected to her machine anyway.

The woody box can send documents to the windows box to print but their
tail ends get cut off.  For example, "echo $(seq 1 2048) | lp"
correctly prints up to the line ending in 1921 (about halfway down the
second page).  The line ending in 1938 is half-toned, as if the
printer should have gone over it again.  After that nothing else
prints.  Something similar happens with postscript files: a half-toned
strip followed by blank space before the page should end.

I have the most recent driver from Epson on the Windows box.  I get
the same behavior with both lprng and CUPS (though the second is
nicer).  Since the printer works locally that seems to mean that the
problem is in sending the file to print over SMB.  Unfortunately I
don't know how to debug this any further or where the appropriate
place is to file a bug.  Any help is welcome.  

Debian versions of relevant packages:
libgimpprint1 4.2.2-pre2-1
samba	      2.2.3a-6

Please CC to me as I'm not subscribed to either list.


I do enjoy a good long walk -- especially when my wife takes one.
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