[Samba] w2k and samba, printer properties hourglasses forver after driver upload + OK

daniel.jarboe at custserv.com daniel.jarboe at custserv.com
Mon Aug 26 05:24:00 GMT 2002

Bummer.  That sounds a little different, but I think I've had your 
problem too with a different printer.  A few weeks ago I tried 
installing a different printer which I had to install the drivers from 
disk, and gibberish came out, and spooler and explorer would often die 
(but not always).  If I printed a windows test page, windows would 
report it was successful, the layout would be about the same (when it 
lists the drivers, etc), but the text would be wingdingish instead of 
the proper characters.  If i managed to print something from an 
application, it would appear wingdingish again.

In this case, however, the properties window hangs much earlier in the 
process, and when I do attempt to print a test page windows tells me the 
test print failed.  I thought maybe applying the patches may have had 
something to do with it, so I rolled back to the regular 2.2.5-1 RPM 
from samba.org, but got the same problems.  The weird thing about the 
hourglass is it makes me think that the windows client is waiting for 
some kind of response from samba but never gets it.  But I have no idea.

The only luck I've had with uploading print drivers from w2k is by using 
drivers provided by the windows installation, but there's lots of 
printers not covered [:(] .  Printer admin was able to upload the 
drivers without incident in both cases to their w2k print-server.

Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one, though.
~ Daniel

lluisbatlle at tavil.net wrote:

>Hi there!
>That's similar to the problem I had. I asked for help here, but noone has given
>a helpful answer.
>The drivers made by HP for the HP 1220C do not work having samba as a
>printing server.
>When trying to print, spooler server dies (and sometimes also explorer.exe).
>I have to keep on working with the M$ ripped drivers.
>Hope you have better luck with it!

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