[Samba] Installing 2.2.5 latest on Mandrake 8

Sudhashen Naicker naickers at sebs.wits.ac.za
Sun Aug 25 04:30:02 GMT 2002

Hi there

I am a novice Linux user and am just trying it out - I am very impressed but
also very frustrated.  I have loaded Mandrake 8 on a box and have configured
Samba for Windows pc's use this as a backup data server.  Works
wonderfully - but our campus administrators say that the current version of
Samba presents a security risk(2.0.7) and should be upgraded.  Thought this
was simple but boy was I wrong.  Downloaded the latest tar file and ran
./configure etc.  Went smoothly but still sitting with current version.
after close examination seems that the files where installed in the wrong
directory.  Copied to the right directory on mandrake  but it seems that I
have not copied some other files to critical folders. After much
frustration, decided to try another approach and to download latest rpm from
rpmfind.net. ran this under the mandrake software updater but keep on
getting that samba needs other files to load successfully(for eg
samba-common).  tried installing these but they also say need other files to
install - now there seems no end to it.  I'm now at my wits end and need
help.  I have been brought up on Windows(forgive me!) so am still in same
groove of thinking - please help me to help myself see the light!
Has anyone installed on Mandrake 8.0 successfully and if so how?

Kind regards

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