[Samba] Re-Creating Windows Profiles After SAMBA Migration

Irving Carrion icarrion at allinterior.com
Thu Aug 22 06:38:00 GMT 2002

Hello All!

Many thanks to the SAMBA community and developers!!

We have successfully migrated away from NT and now use SAMBA as our
LOGON / FILE server.  Spent an entire weekend changing domain names,
fixing LOCAL profiles, re-configuring Microsoft Outlook Importing /
Exporting .PST's on EACH machine.  Each machine took about 10 minutes
... some a little longer.  Windows 98 pc's were easy as changing the
domain name doesn't affect any of the profiles so all docs / pst were in
the correct location.  Windows 2000 though... NIGHTMARE!!!  

Now I have to reconfigure our remote locations.  I'll either have to use
VNC or try and walk someone through the process (NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO

Has anyone on the list figured out a better way of migrating individual
PC's so that Windows 2000 uses the same profile it had originally before
changing domain names.  I've tried manually copying the old profile to
the new one, but It still thinks it is a new user and does NOT retain
any of the MS Outlook settings. I suspect that their is something in the
registry that needs to be exported then imported back into the new
profile.  Anyone have any insights or suggestions?  Is their a software
package available that makes the migration easier?

PREFACE:  I do understand that this question has nothing to do with
SAMBA and the same would occur if the PDC migration would have been to
NT.  I've called MS$ and they were no help.  Hopefully someone here has
experienced the same problem.

I've been googleing for about a week with no leads.  MS$ knowledge base
was no help either.

Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated.


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