[Samba] Two domains in the same subnetwork.

David Leuser II dleuser at newhampton.org
Thu Aug 22 06:06:01 GMT 2002

On our native NT4.0 network here, we have run two domains in the past, but
only with one WINS server.  I don't think you would need two WINS servers
for anything other than fault tolerance though? (correct me if I'm
wrong)-- unless you don't have a trust between the two different pdc's and
computers from domain A can't talk to WINS on domain B?

You should, however, be able to specify somewhere which server the client
tries to get its WINS address from.   On my win2k box, I can specify which
WINS server to use and what order to do it in...  I'm not sure with SAMBA,
someone else will have to jump in for that one... 

IMHO: If you are in the process of deciding whether or not to have to two
domains on your network-- in my experience simpler is always better  :-) 
(depending of course, on why you suspect the need for two domains?)

icarrion at allinterior.com writes:
>I wonder if WINS would be problematic (That is if both SAMBA PDC's are
>WINS servers)???????
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>as long as you take care not to have any conflicting IP addresses,
>multiple domains on the same subnet should work ok... a domain is
>basically a group of objects (computers/users) with a common
>authentication scheme.
>mstrello at cl.ibm.com writes:
>>Hi, I have the following newbie question, it is possible have two (or
>>domains in the same IP
>>subnetwork (e.g.
>>I understand that is not possible have two PDC for the same domain in
>>same subnetwork,
>>but I'm not sure what happens if we have two domains.
>>Thanks for your help.
>>Mauricio Strello C.
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