[Samba] locking db corruption with 2.2.5?

Robert Stuart Robert.Stuart at qsa.qld.edu.au
Wed Aug 21 20:19:28 GMT 2002


We are currently experiencing this problem.  I have taken a copy of the
/var/cache/samba/ dir (containing locking.tdb) and a copy of the log of
one of the affected terminal servers (all seem to be affected) and a
copy of smbstatus.

I can test a couple of things or email them to someone if anyone can
point me in the right direction...
the locks list of the smbstatus is showing many lines that are "ok", but
also include these:

29174  DENY_NONE  0x120089    RDONLY     NONE             j^X   Thu Aug
22 14:25:40 2002
24676  DENY_NONE  0x120089    RDONLY     NONE             j^X   Thu Aug
22 14:15:11 2002
8212   DENY_NONE  0x120089    RDONLY     NONE             j^X   Thu Aug
22 14:02:48 2002
9015   DENY_NONE  0x20089     RDONLY     NONE             j^X   Thu Aug
22 12:01:53 2002

I don't think myself or Adam have pointed it out, but I suspect that
when samba checks a file against the locking db and finds one of these,
it seems to think that the file it is looking for is locked ie users
sometimes have problems opening/saving files now that definitely aren't
locked.  They can sometimes save it on another share, but that doesn't
always work.

We do have some long path names for some files, users sometimes create
large trees, could this be an issue?

Any ideas?
Robert Stuart wrote:
> adam at morrison-ind.com wrote:
> >
> > Quoting Robert Stuart <Robert.Stuart at qsa.qld.edu.au>:
> > > > I saw you message in the Samba archives concerning corruption of the
> > > locking
> > > > database.  Since we upgraded from rh70 to rh73 a few days ago we are
> > > see-ing the
> > > > same thing.  No change to Samba.  Did you ever manage to resolve this
> > > situation?
> > > No, I haven't found a solution.  Currently, I'm restarting samba
> > > services each night and cleaning out the connection.tdb (and others in
> > > the same area) files.
> >
> > Does your smbstatus -L output eventually look like (notice the filenames & paths
> > are trashed)? -
> Yes, my smbstatus is trashed.  Typically someone rings up and says that
> they are having troubles saving a document (huge error message that
> really should say that I haven't got a clue); I then check out smbstatus
> and notice these "wierd character" problems where the filename should
> be.  I can't think of a recent locking problem that I then didn't notice
> the truncation of the filenames in smbstatus.  I should mention that we
> now have oplocks turned off on most shares now, certainly level 2
> oplocks are off (we had kernel oops from these).
> My config again:
> Server: RH 7.3, samba 2.2.5 recomp with ldap-sam and parse_sec.patch
> applied.
> Clients: W2k/W9x  W2K is running Windows TS.
> Is 2.2.6pre1 "worse" than 2.2.5 in any ways - ie is there anything
> particularly broken so that I shouldn't try it?  Printing isn't a
> problem as I can setup a separate samba server to deal with printing
> easily (all our printing is done via a netbios alias).
> Adam, what are your clients?  Are you running Windows TS?

Robert Stuart
Systems Administrator
Ph: 61 7 3864 0364
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