[Samba] locking db corruption with 2.2.5?

Robert Stuart Robert.Stuart at qsa.qld.edu.au
Wed Aug 21 15:00:01 GMT 2002

adam at morrison-ind.com wrote:
> Quoting Robert Stuart <Robert.Stuart at qsa.qld.edu.au>:
> > > I saw you message in the Samba archives concerning corruption of the
> > locking
> > > database.  Since we upgraded from rh70 to rh73 a few days ago we are
> > see-ing the
> > > same thing.  No change to Samba.  Did you ever manage to resolve this
> > situation?
> > No, I haven't found a solution.  Currently, I'm restarting samba
> > services each night and cleaning out the connection.tdb (and others in
> > the same area) files.
> Does your smbstatus -L output eventually look like (notice the filenames & paths
> are trashed)? -

Yes, my smbstatus is trashed.  Typically someone rings up and says that
they are having troubles saving a document (huge error message that
really should say that I haven't got a clue); I then check out smbstatus
and notice these "wierd character" problems where the filename should
be.  I can't think of a recent locking problem that I then didn't notice
the truncation of the filenames in smbstatus.  I should mention that we
now have oplocks turned off on most shares now, certainly level 2
oplocks are off (we had kernel oops from these).

My config again:
Server: RH 7.3, samba 2.2.5 recomp with ldap-sam and parse_sec.patch
Clients: W2k/W9x  W2K is running Windows TS.

Is 2.2.6pre1 "worse" than 2.2.5 in any ways - ie is there anything
particularly broken so that I shouldn't try it?  Printing isn't a
problem as I can setup a separate samba server to deal with printing
easily (all our printing is done via a netbios alias).

Adam, what are your clients?  Are you running Windows TS?


Robert Stuart
Systems Administrator
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