[Samba] HEAD/TNG Problems.

C.S.Mager charlie at csmager.co.uk
Wed Aug 21 08:42:01 GMT 2002

I've followed the instructions in the DUAL-SAMBA-HOWTO to try to install
a Dual Samba system.  I'm running Redhat 7.0 (awaiting my 7.3 in the

I've installed it, added the user `CSMSRV-HEAD$' to both linux and also,
using 'samedit' to TNG.  This is the name of my HEAD samba server
running.  I've changed the security = share, and the server works on the
network.  I can browse shares.  I've changed it to =domain and run 'net
rpc join -S csmsrv-tng' and loads of stuff whizzed past the screen,
ending in something along the lines of OK.

I'm presuming that much went ok.  I added a user on the system (csm)
using samedit.  'createuser csm -p test'.  It said it went ok. (while
I'm talking about that - could anyone tell me what '-i' does?).

When I tried running 'ntlogin csmnet2\csm' (the name of the domain is
csmnet2, as my old 2.2 domain is still running as csmnet).  I am asked
for the password, I type in test and I get auth2 challenge failed,
unsuccessful etc.  That's confuses me, as when I add a machine account
and join a computer to the domain, I can log in as CSM.

I can't do the 'smbclient //csmsrv-head/test -U csm', as that doesn't
work.  Same authorisation failed (it is set up to use csmsrv-tng as the
password server).

I can't access \\csmsrv-head on my windows pc - although \\csmsrv-tng
works fine.  HEAD says I don't have access, check with administrator

Any ideas welcomed!!! 

charlie at csmager.co.uk

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