[Samba] Problem logging into Samba

Ash Ridley ash.ridley at ash-ridley.net
Wed Aug 21 08:39:01 GMT 2002

Hi all, 

Got a srange problem and wondered if anyone could shed some light on it. 

Have set up Samba but I cant log in from a windows workstation (get a message saying that either the password is incorrect or access was denied). I have set all the users up and Linux users (red hat 7.2) and as smb user (had to do this manually though as smbpasswd -a didnt copy them across) and both users accounts for each person have the same password.

My testparm works ok but smbclient -L returns an error that the server could not be located, I suspect this is because I'm not using DNS (hosts files on clients as its a small network). The windows workstations can resolve and ping the server (and its obviously finding it or I'd get a domain server not found error on login).

Anyone got any ideas on what I should try next? 


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