[Samba] common passwd authentication

Jerry Buburuz jerry at ee.ualberta.ca
Mon Aug 19 15:14:01 GMT 2002

Here's what I got:

linux network using NIS.

If I use ypcat passwd I get the users passwd hash value.

Now, what I want to do is in stead of recreating all users passwd's, is
copy the NIS hash value into the smbpasswd file.

So can this be done?

I know NIS uses md4(I think), windows 2000 uses md4(I think), so it should
be possible?

I've tried a number of samba installs, compiling -with_pam..etc. But I can
never seem to re-create the NIS hash value with smbpasswd. 

Is this possible? Or em I dreaming?

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.



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