[Samba] angry red X's & disconnected drives

Sam Barasch barasch at biostat.wisc.edu
Mon Aug 19 11:39:00 GMT 2002

Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen of the Samba list,

I have a curious problem on one of my windows 2000 machines.

As soon as the user connects to a samba share, they are disconnected and 
the drive appears marked with a red X

The samba logs indicate that 10-20 seconds after any user of this machine 
connects to a network drive, they are disconnected.

Oddly enough, you can browse the contents of the drives with no 
problems.  You can also save documents to the network drives, but you get 
the following error message;

"an error occurred while reconnecting W: to \\server\myshare.  Microsoft 
Windows Network:  The local device name is already in use.  this connection 
has not been restored     <OK>"

Users are still able to save, however, but then they ask me what the 
message means, and I weep and tear out my hair.

Seriously though, no big deal, but kind of annoying.  Happens to two out of 
100 users.

I'll look through the M$ knowledge base and if I find anything I'll post it 


Sam Barasch
Computer Systems Support
Department of Biostatistics
University of Wisconsin Madison

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