[Samba] unable to join domain

Kratunis, Anthony akratunis at tiaa-cref.org
Mon Aug 19 10:00:01 GMT 2002

I have read several requests about this topic, but no solid solutions.
Here's another request.

I am attempting to have my solaris 8 samba 2.2 server join the NT domain.  I
kill the samba daemons, and issue the command, as indicated in the

	smbpasswd -j DOM -r PDC-DOM -U admin

it prompts for password, which I enter
but I get the message back

	unable to join domain DOM

My NT team says they think samba is trying to connect via the anonymous
account, which they have disabled for security reasons.    As a test of this
theory, I attempted connecting to our TEST NT domain which does NOT have
anonymous disabled, and it worked.

	smbpasswd -j DOMTEST -r PDC-TEST -U admin
it prompts for password, which I enter
	joined domain DOMTEST

Does anyone have any insights on this?  Is Samba using anonymous to try to
create the connection?  is there a work around?

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