[Samba] Caching along linux->win smbmount?

Daniel J. Sperka dsperka at virtualproperties.com
Mon Aug 19 07:19:01 GMT 2002

Hi all -

    If this is in the wrong group kindly direct me where to post.

    I have an odd problem using rsync across an smbmount (via fstab) of 
a WinNT drive to Linux Redhat 7.1. I have samba 2.0.10-2 (though smbd is 
not running) and rsync 2.4.6-2.

    I use the Linux machine to rsync folders on the WinNT machine to 
folders on our production webservers. This allows clients to update 
their sites via their FTP access (which is to the WinNT machine), 
provided I have a process in place for them to deploy.

    My deployment machine mounts the WinNT drives AND the webserver 
'ServerRoot' folders (the webservers are also linux and those mounts are 

    The problem I find is this: It appears that files are being cached 
along the smbmount 'path'! I see this in several different ways.

1) I run rsync three times consecutively, each time to a different 
webserver. Each time the source is the same folder on the WinNT machine. 
The webservers are known to be in an identical state (I've had to force 
this to happen -- because of this problem -- with some effort, but I'm 
certain the webserver folders are identical). The first rsync run shows 
certain files have changed; the second and third shows a subset of those 
files! I check the target webservers and the target folders are no 
longer identical!

I had thought this was an rsync problem, but then I found the following:

2) After noticing the above situation, I can make manual changes to 
files on the WinNT server (simple changes I can easily see), save those 
files. Then I can 'cat' or 'less' them from the linux deployment server 
and I DON'T SEE THE UPDATED FILES! Instead I seem to be seeing the 
previous version of the file!

The only explanation I can find is that files are being cached somewhere 
between my linux kernel and the physical WinNT drives -- I realize 
there's a few things in there so I can't say for certain that samba is 
the culprit.

Other tidbits - this problem is intermittent. Normally we see it 
mid-afternoon, which is a HEAVY load time for the WinNT server.  I now 
force an unmount and remount of the WinNT drives before each rsync 
invocation -- the jury is still out on that change (just made it Friday 

Unfortunately converting the WinNT box to Linux is not an option.

Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated!


Dan Sperka
Virtual Properties 
Software Development

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