[Samba] Re: (2.2.5) Does AUTO PRINTER DRIVERS work - definitive statement please (Trevor Fraser)

Dennis dennis.moreno at pop.safetran.com
Fri Aug 16 12:00:02 GMT 2002


(Samba 225, Sol 2.8)

Well.....for anyone that's interested..

I decided to try the printer upload/download support in 225.

So far I've been inconsistently able to upload and download drivers. 
When uploading, sometimes I'll get
the  message described in the HOW-TO docs and when I do it seems to 
upload OK. But then when I attempt
to install the printer on a client, I get prompted again to install the 
driver (doh!) ?
 But on other printers, I attempt to upload but never get a message 
prompting to upload(?).
Still on other printers it works!

Well....I guess I'll go back and uncomment "disable spoolss = yes". : -(



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