REPOST: [Samba] queuepause/queueresume and w2k machines, won' t work

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Thu Aug 15 12:37:01 GMT 2002

Thank You for info!!!!

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On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, Shane Drinkwater wrote:

> I think I found another bug... I really seem to be in printer hell
> :(.... I
> found that windows 2k doesn't update its status "ready" or "paused" when
> used with samba. Here is what I did...

The printer change notification stuff is slightly broken in 2.2.x
Things have been corrected in HEAD, but I am not planning on backporting
the changes to the 2.2.x branch because the modifications would be farily 

This could very easily be the source of your problems.

cheers, jerry
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