[Samba] ACL in Linux and AIX

phil athena35 at guetali.fr
Wed Aug 14 06:59:01 GMT 2002


As I can see in the last mailing list I am not the only one to get problems
with ACL support in Linux.

Whatever the samba version (2.2.4, 2.2.5) the main problem is how acl and
extended attributes can be implemented fine in linux.

I've installed samba on AIX systems where acl is implemented (native) and NT
ACL works fine at each time (the only difficulty there is that nsswitch is
not implemented in AIX).
Now I'm trying to do the same with a SuSE distribution (8.0) of Linux and
what a waste of time ! Downloading, compiling, patching and until now it's
not really succesfull (setfacl) ! Sure something must be wrong  in the way I
try to install all the stuff from aclbits but if someone has a good idea to
help me I'll enjoy it!
May be something should be done to improve the distribution of these

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