[Samba] Winbind smbd NT Groups

Edward Mann ed.mann at choicepoint.net
Tue Aug 13 13:38:00 GMT 2002

I am having problems with my NT Groups. I have slowly been 
getting more and more users that cannot gain access to shares. Some users that are
in the same group can still get access, but others cannot. I am not sure how to
explain this really well but I am trying.

So lets say that I have user bob sally and joe. They are all in a group called 
Space that access a folder called stars. Our Primary domain controller goes down. After reboot bob calls and says
that he cannot get to the folder stars. I check the group and he is still in it, I restart 
samba winbind and he still cannot get access to it. I call sally and joe and they both
can get access to the share. I bring up another server copy my config file over
setup the ACL's the same. I am using ACL's SGI XFS. I create a temp account for myself
and I can access the folder, I try as bob but I still cannot get into it.

System is
RedHat 7.3
Kernel 2.4.18-4SGI_XFS_1.1
ACL Stuff

An error that shows up in /var/log/messages
Aug 13 16:59:05 storm smbd[17786]:   Unable to initgroups. Error was Operation not permitted

Anything else that you need?

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