[Samba] Performance problems in XP

Darrin Smith drs at pepg.net
Tue Aug 13 06:42:00 GMT 2002


I have been using SAMBA in a small office environment (15-20 clients) for 
several years.  Currently, most of my clients are using windows 2K and 
performance is very good for these clients.  However, I have an XP pro 
machine that is unbelievably slow.  Network file io that takes 30 seconds to 
a minute on the 2k machines takes 5 minutes plus on the XP machine.  I was 
using an older version of samba, but an upgrade to 2.5.5 did not help the 
situation.  I am wondering if mine is an isolated case (setup problem with 
the XP machine, slow NIC in the client, etc.) or if this is something that 
others have experienced.  File sizes on my network tend to be large, (autocad 
drawing files) that can be as big as 100 Mbytes+.  However this problem is 
more noticeable with small configuration files being accessed.  Any thoughts 
or ideas would be appreciated


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