[Samba] Performance problems in XP

Chris McCluskey questions at digitaldeck.com
Wed Aug 14 09:43:00 GMT 2002

I have experienced much the same issues. There were two causal factors
I have found so far.

The first was a misconfigured copy of MS Services for UNIX running on
the client. Removing it fixed the problem (since we didn't need the
services anyway. The second was a crappy onboard NIC. Adding a new NIC
fixed this.

I still have one machine in the office that just takes a super long
time using SAMBA. Regular domain machine access and authentication is
fine, as is normal TCP/IP traffic. I have not tried a clean install of
XP -- which I suspect may fix it.

Hope this helps.

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> Hi,
> I have been using SAMBA in a small office environment
> (15-20 clients) for
> several years.  Currently, most of my clients are using
> windows 2K and
> performance is very good for these clients.  However, I
> have an XP pro
> machine that is unbelievably slow.  Network file io that
> takes 30 seconds to
> a minute on the 2k machines takes 5 minutes plus on the XP
> machine.  I was
> using an older version of samba, but an upgrade to 2.5.5
> did not help the
> situation.  I am wondering if mine is an isolated case
> (setup problem with
> the XP machine, slow NIC in the client, etc.) or if this is
> something that
> others have experienced.  File sizes on my network tend to
> be large, (autocad
> drawing files) that can be as big as 100 Mbytes+.  However
> this problem is
> more noticeable with small configuration files being
> accessed.  Any thoughts
> or ideas would be appreciated
> Thanks.
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