[Samba] Word and samba

Peter Barker pbarker at display.co.uk
Tue Aug 13 01:52:00 GMT 2002

Greetings Group

I think the Word crashing problem is quite common and does not confine 
itself to Samba as PDC. Running Word with any file open on a Samba server 
seems to invite trouble and file trashing.

This seems to more of a problem with Win2000 and XP than Win9X and NT. I 
suspect that Micorsoft have "improved" the code to "optimise" performance 
for Micorsoft servers...

In my particular case we have found that "no oplocks" reduces the rate of 
file trashing...but am not sure if this totally fixes the problem yet. A 
very worrying syndrome for us Linux adminz.

Advice on Microsoft word = send it back to Gates, (and you don't have to go 
to UniSex to know that is good advice). The more you struggle against this 
advice, the more work you make for yourself and the more money you give to 
Bill. Tell your superiors that if they must have f*#king Microsoft products 
on the net then perhaps they would like to f*#king fix them too.

Years of long experience - Microsloth does not get any better with 
time..... ;0)

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