[Samba] Fail to login to WinXP via SAMBA PDC

Zhi-Wei Lu zwlu at ucdavis.edu
Thu Aug 8 16:29:02 GMT 2002


 I have successfully (seemingly)  joined a SAMBA (samba 2.2.5) controlled domain for my first Windows XP Pro machine ( I have seen "Welcome to
 my_domain" message on this XP machine).
 However, I can NOT log into this Windows XP machine using domain user/password,
 this XP machine complains about missing domain controller ... 
 I can  login into a Windows 2k machine usig domain user/password just fine.

 Does anymore know a solution or lack of it for Windows XP pro. ?> 


PS. I am sorry about the first message, bad spellings/missing a NOT.
Zhi-Wei Lu 		
CIPIC (Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing)
UC Davis 	  	Phone:	(530)-752-0494
Davis, CA 95616		Fax:   	(530)-752-8894

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