[Samba] Setting up a PDC + multiple BDCs across subnets

Alexandre BOULANGER alex.boulanger at askus.fr
Wed Aug 7 07:48:02 GMT 2002


I'd like to setup domain authentication purely based on Samba Domain
Controllers. Each subnet would have its own BDC (with security = domain
option), forwarding smb requests to the PDC (located on the backbone),
ie authentication, shares..

My PDC is LDAP based, all that part is ok, win98 workstations
successfully log into the PDC. I use idealx smbldap tools, that seem to
work fine. I followed idealx's howto lines.

In fact problems come when attempting to logon 98 ws thru a BDC. I just
can't join that BDC to my domain (with both smb - nmb processes down,
smbpasswd -j DOMAIN returns no domain controller found for some hosts,
or unable to setup PDC credentials for others)
I tried adding the BDC hostname into the LDAP tree, then re attempted to
join the domain, nothing helped..

If someone ever experienced that situation, can he gives me a clue?
Thanks in advance

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