[Samba] Setting up a PDC + multiple BDCs across subnets

Alexander Nimmervoll nimm at technikum-wien.at
Wed Aug 7 08:09:12 GMT 2002


For me smbpasswd -j DOMAIN -r PDC works, but I have to create an LDAP
for the maschine name that joins the domain first. (smbpasswd -a -m BDC$ )
or some other script to
create machines on the PDC.
I use Samba 2.2.6pre1.

Alexander Nimmervoll

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Subject: [Samba] Setting up a PDC + multiple BDCs across subnets

> hello,
> I'd like to setup domain authentication purely based on Samba Domain
> Controllers. Each subnet would have its own BDC (with security = domain
> option), forwarding smb requests to the PDC (located on the backbone),
> ie authentication, shares..
> My PDC is LDAP based, all that part is ok, win98 workstations
> successfully log into the PDC. I use idealx smbldap tools, that seem to
> work fine. I followed idealx's howto lines.
> In fact problems come when attempting to logon 98 ws thru a BDC. I just
> can't join that BDC to my domain (with both smb - nmb processes down,
> smbpasswd -j DOMAIN returns no domain controller found for some hosts,
> or unable to setup PDC credentials for others)
> I tried adding the BDC hostname into the LDAP tree, then re attempted to
> join the domain, nothing helped..
> If someone ever experienced that situation, can he gives me a clue?
> Thanks in advance
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