[Samba] Unable to reregister samba server with Primary Domain Controller

Ian Scott ian.m.scott at stud.man.ac.uk
Tue Aug 6 04:09:02 GMT 2002

Please forgive any stupidity in the following question. The admin who
maintained samba left recently and we (a bunch of programmers) are trying to
fix it.

We had a Solaris box called svr2, it provided samba and nfs services.
We bought a new computer called originally newsvr2.
We ported the samba settings across to newsvr2 - everything worked.
We swapped the hostname and IP addresses of svr2 and newsvr2 - everything
Our administrator left.

The new box (now called svr2) crashed, and when it came back up no-one could
talk to the samba server. When we try to connect to it from windows it asks
for a username and password, and doesn't accept any (Either our NT domain
password (which it should use) or a nisplus password.) Everything else on
svr2 appears to be working correctly.

It should be set up to use our local PDC, which appears to be working fine
in all other respects.

We have tried deleting secret.tlb, etc. and rejoining the domain using
smbpasswd. However we keep getting  the following error message
   Error connecting to BMS-NT-SVR - NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
   Unable to join domain bms

We have tried deleting all the entries relating to svr2 in the active
directory on BMS-NT-SVR, our PDC, and starting again. If we specify -U
administrator to smbpasswd, and give it the BMS-NT-SVR administrator
password, we get the above error. If we don't specify the user, it says
Don't know the machine password, and gives the above error.

We don't think that svr2 had been rebooted since the IP addresses and
hostnames were swapped - so we suspect that it is a problem with the PDC
refusing to acknowledge the swap. However other than removing the active
directory listing for server2, we can't think of anything else to do to the

We would be grateful for any suggestions.
Many thanks,
Ian Scott.

P.S. samba-ntdom at lists.samba.org appears to be dead

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