[Samba] Weird problem with share

Patrick van Zweden patrick at vanzweden.nl.eu.org
Mon Aug 5 14:19:02 GMT 2002


I'm using samba 2.2.4 as PDC for my windows network.
I have configured a share with the following parameters:

	comment = Disk Images
	path = /usr/local/cdimages
	write list = @cdimages
	force group = cdimages
	read only = No
	fake oplocks = Yes
	fstype = EXT3

The problem is whenever i try to create a directory on the share from my
win 2k box i get the following windows messsage:
Create Folder
You may not be able to access files created in the folder X:\New Folder.
Do you want to continue?
Yes   No   

Does any1 one know how to get rid of this message? I already tinkered with
different settings, such as the fstype, inheritance of acls, permissions,
etc. But the message stays. I can copy files to the share and use them



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