[Samba] RE: winbind and gdm on RH7.3

Harold Riggs hriggs at speakeasy.net
Sat Aug 3 20:39:02 GMT 2002

    How can you arrange for graphical logins (gdm or kdm) on a RH7.3 box 
that are authenticated against an NT domain controller?
    I have winbind running and can successfully run wbinfo. I have 
configured PAM for
login and have been able to successfully login from a text login prompt
to my Linux box using my NT username and password. finger works, etc.
   But I have failed to configure gdm or kdm so that I can authenticate 
a user via a
graphical login. Is this possible? which PAM modules must you configure? 
I tried
gdm, xdm, adding one for kdm, but I am not sure how to configure the PAM 
for this.
    Hal Riggs

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