[Samba] Problems with SPOOLSS WinNT driver uploads

Adam Bottchen bottchen at us.ibm.com
Fri Aug 2 13:57:02 GMT 2002

      Thanks alot for the response Steve.  Unfortunately, as you suspected
this Linux installation is looking to replace a Windows NT print server and
therefore the users want it to automatically handle the driver installation
(like it does when a Windows NT server is used).  It seems that the problem
is in the number of files that are downloaded.  When I use a printer driver
set that is 5-10 files, it works perfectly, just as the documentation
states.  When I use a driver set of 40+ files (like the Lexmark Optra
T616), I run into random problems and it fails.  Is there a buffer or file
transfer mechanism within Samba or Windows NT that would run into problems
when more than 40 files are downloaded in the driver set?

Adam Bottchen
bottchen at us.ibm.com


I encountered the same issue. A quick look on Google showed that this is
unique to Linux either. There is a patch, but it didn't make much

After fighting is a few days I gave up and set "disable spoolss" to "yes",
and "show add printer wizard" to "no" in the global section. I then deleted
the print$ share, and placed the 9x, NT/2000 and XP drivers in a read-only
share that everyone could access (even guest and bad user).

I commonly do this in 30 client environments. I usually need to visit every
desk anyway, so now I have to install the print drivers manually. Hopefully
this will be solved someday, I don't believe it is a Samba issue per se.
Jerry may want to elaborate on the issue...

One benefit - one 2000/XP/NT user can't hose the printer properties for the
other 2000/XP/NT users (like they can in 2000 server). Everyone has his or
her own drivers, which makes troubleshooting bad print drivers a bit

I know this isn't the answer you were looking for, but it really made my
life easier. I now have no fear of deploying a linux/samba server. Fewer
problems all around.


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