[Samba] ShellClassInfo

Philip Burrow phil.burrow at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Aug 4 01:30:03 GMT 2002

Another problem? ;)

> Here's another little problem I'm having.  When clients log onto the
> domain, a text file opens in XP that is titled .ShellClassInfo.  Does
> anyone know what this is and how I stop it from popping up?

Yep. Delete all your desktop.ini files from the default user profile you're
using (either in netlogon or on the local machine) and you shouldnt get this
for new users. Delete it from your current working user profile as well. The
reason it happens is that Windows XP puts a desktop.ini in your
Programs/Startup folder, so at every logon it executes desktop.ini from
there, whch of course runs notepad to view it. You'll probably notice that
if you enable the Quick Launch bar you'll get a desktop.ini in that, as well
as various other inappropriate places on your Start Menu.

In case you didn't know, desktop.ini stores per-folder settings, hence
there's going to be one in each folder. It'll turn up a lot in your logs
because Windows looks for it each time you open a file.

You can also make that file hidden which may stop it, though I'm not sure
how. Try hide files = /*.ini/, or read the man pages for smb.conf (theres a
way of doing it).


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