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Miguel Arellano (ht) marellanoq at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 29 13:14:03 GMT 2002

Hello ...

I hope this is not the wrong list to place this question.  Excuse me for
that.  We have a server running Linux RH 7.2.
Now, is there any kind of advice about how to print to windows shared
printers?  A few months ago, we configured this issue using the print
manager, but due to a problem with disks, we have had to reinstall the OS.
As soon as it finished the install proccess, we defined the printers as in
the first time (even the windows shared ones) but here we have problems.
Trying with the text page test does nothing.  Postcript, nothing.  It does
not print.  No errors, no messages, it works as normal but the printers do
not receive the job.

May be a bug?

Thanks in advance for your comments ...

Version: 3.12
GCS/E d+(++) s: a C+++ UCL*+++$ P L+++$ E--- W+++$ N++ o K++ w$
O- M- V- PS+ PE Y PGP t 5 X+ R* tv+ b++ DI--- D++
G e++ h--- r+++ y+++
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