[Samba] Problem with printer sharing using Samba PDC + Printer Server NT

Luiz Alfredo Baggiotto luiz at pucrs.br
Mon Apr 29 09:53:02 GMT 2002


We have one Samba 2.2.3a running as PDC of our domain. There are also a winNT 4 
machine used as a Printer Server (we prefer to use another machine to print services).
After one printer instalation, on printer server, I try to configure permissions in the 
"Security" tab, "Permissions" button. I click in "Add" button and the first option appears 
as a blank line, but I include it anyway. Then, in the field correspondent to the added 
users, appears my domain name(?!?!). I confirm the inclusion them with "Print" 
permission, but in the list of users, instead of the domain name appears 
"Unix_group.35214085" and the users of the domain can´t access the printer shared!
I was read anything about the "Unix_group.xxxxxxxx" occurs when the smbpasswd file 
doesn´t match with /etc/passwd file. Is it correct in this case? Are anything to do?
Thanks in advance and best regards

    Administraçao da Rede
        FACIN / PUCRS
         Ramal  4184
    Prédio 30 -  Sala 145

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